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Summer Uniform – Ist April to 31st October



Classes PS-II

Classes PS-II

1. Off White half sleeve shirt with school
insignia on the pocket

1. Off White half sleeve shirt with school
insignia on the pocket

2. Denim Blue BIB Shorts

2. Denim Blue BIB Shorts

3. Socks- White with blue toe/heel and rib

3. Socks- White with blue toe/heel and rib

4. Black Velcro shoes

4. Black Velcro shoes

5. School Belt

5. School Belt

Classes III-XII

Classes III-VIII

1. Off White half sleeve shirt with school
insignia on the pocket

1. Off White half sleeve shirt with school
insignia on the pocket

2. Blue Trousers (Denim Look)

2. Blue Divided Skirt (Denim Look)

3. Socks- White with blue toe/heel and rib

3. Socks- White with blue toe/heel and rib

4. Black Shoes (Gola) with laces

4. Shoes (Gola) with laces

5. School belt

5. School belt


Classes IX-XII


1. Blue Polka dot on off white base Kurta


2. Off White Salwar


3. Blue Duppata


4. Socks- White with blue toe/heel and rib


5. Black Shoes (Gola) with laces


6. School belt



Winter Uniform – Ist November to 31st March



Changes in Winter Uniform under consideration. New pattern will be intimated through circular

Note: 1. White canvas shoes are compulsory for all the students on Friday.


In order to avoid the emerging health problems, the school advises the following steps for students:-

1.   Maintain personal hygiene.

2.    Consume a proper diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, milk, yoghurt and complex carbohydrates. Avoid refined, refrigerated and processed foods.

3.    Exercise regularly. Walking, Jogging, Swimming, Playing games and sports help supply oxygen to the brain and aid in mental alertness.

4.    Sleep for at least eight hours

5.   Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water, avoid aerated drinks

6.    Avoid intake of junk food, saturated fats and high salt containing foods.

7.   Ensure that your ward does not come to the school on empty stomach.




1.   If there is any health related problem, kindly inform the school in writing.

2.    Do not send your child to school in case he has an infectious disease like chicken pox, mumps, conjunctivitis etc. This will save others from ill health.

3.    Any student who is feeling unwell during school hours must report to the Coordinator/Class Teacher.

4.    Immunize your ward for the following:-
BCG, DPT, Polio, Measles, MMR, Tetanus, Typhoid, Hepatitis-A/B, Meningitis & Chickenpox.

5.    Get a dental and an ophthalmic check-up done once, every year.

6.   Students suffering from diseases like Asthma, Epilepsy, Rheumatic heart disease etc. should give the history of their illness along-with the treatment being taken to the school.




1.   Parents are earnestly requested to see that their ward(s) attend the school punctually. They are expected to cooperate with the work of the school by ensuring regularity and discipline and by taking a keen interest in their ward’s progress. They should check their ward(s) school Diary regularly and note the Teacher’s remarks and acknowledge the same, promptly by signing against the remarks.

2.    Pupil who has been absent from the school must have the reason entered in the ‘information about absence’ page of the Diary stating briefly the cause of the absence.

3.    Pupil’s name will be struck off the rolls if he/she remains absent without leave for more than a week.

4.    Pupils are expected to come to the school daily in fresh laundered uniform with clean socks and well polished shoes. Any pupil who comes to school in a slovenly condition will be sent back.

5.    Parents will apply in writing in the school diary if their ward(s) is/are required at home during school hours for any valid reason.

6.   No pupil will be sent home along-with any other person sent by parents without authority letter.

7.   No pupil may leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal.

8.   Parents should not bring/send Tiffin, books etc. to their ward(s) during school hours.

9.   Parents/guardians are not allowed to see their children or interact with the teachers during school hours without prior permission of the Principal.

10.   Children who are ill should not be sent to the school to attend class or appear in the exams.

11.   Parents are expected to make their own transport arrangements whenever pupil is asked to come/remain after the school hours for activities/extra classes.

12.   Pupil should always carry Identity Cards with him/her.




1.  Pupil must report to the school on time. No child will be allowed to enter the school premises, if he/she reaches after the stipulated time i.e., 8.00 am. for any reasons.

2.   Pupils on their way to and from the school are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner.

3.   All pupils must be in their seats before the teacher enters the class. During the absence of a teacher, the monitor of the class, responsible for maintaining discipline must be obeyed.

4.    Pupils should take care of school property. They must keep/help in keeping their classrooms, corridors, school building & campus neat and clean at all times. Any damage to property in the school premises whether defacing, disfiguring or destroying is liable to receive a written warning/suspension/a minimum fine of Rs. 500/-.

5.    Pupils are not permitted to make or receive phone calls at the reception/office. However, urgent messages, if any, will be communicated to them

6.   Cell phones, electronic calculators, I-pods, laptops and other electronic gadgets should not be brought to school else they will be confiscated.

7.   Girl students should not wear ornaments and are not allowed to use nail paint, henna or any other make-up. They are not allowed to grow long nails.

8.   Boy’s hairs should be neatly trimmed.

9.   Girl’s long hairs should be neatly plated.

10.   Punctuality & regularity, proper school uniform, promptness in completion of work and exemplary conduct in & outside the school is expected at all times.

11.   Students using abusive language exhibiting violent/aggressive behavior, cheating, stealing, bunking, bullying, fighting, smoking, drinking, gambling, showing insubordination to teachers, bringing obscene material to school, playing Holi, bursting Crackers in school premises, driving Car/Scooter/motor bike to school, post derogatory remarks the staff/students of the school will invite strict disciplinary action.

12.   The school is not responsible for the goods, valuables or money lost by the students.

13.   Student using unfair means in the examination shall be liable to be punished strictly as per the decision taken by the School authorities.

14.   A fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be levied for each day of unauthorized absence from class/school.

15.   When using staircase and corridors, pupil must keep to the left.




1.  The School is providing transport facility to the students by hiring vehicles from transport contractors.

2.   School transport on the existing rules can be availed subject to availability of seats. Change of route is not permitted without the approval of the Principal.

3.   Transport fee will be charged for 11 months and cannot be discontinued in between the session.

4.    Teachers/Bus monitors will be responsible for orderly behavior in the buses and will ensure that only pupils entitled for the school transport facility travel in the buses.

5.    Students availing school transport are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes before the arrival of the buses.

6.   Remain seated in the bus and do not extend a body part out of the window/door.

7.   Wait for the bus to come to a halt before boarding or de-boarding.

8.   Do not eat or drink in the bus.

9.   Distracting the Driver’s attention by shouting and other acts is strictly prohibited.

10.   Students will travel only on the routes allotted to them and the Drivers are directed to stop the vehicles on the designated stops only. If a student shows in-subordination /rowdy behavior, he/she will not be allowed to travel by school transport.

11.   Please intimate office/Class teacher in case of change of address/phone no. to help up-date school records.

12.   The bus facility is provided on a no profit basis. A sufficient no. of students is required to make it feasible venture. Hence bus facilities cannot be claimed as a right by any parent

13.   Those who travel by private vehicles will travel at their own risk.

Measures of all kinds will be taken for the safety of the students availing School transport facility. However, the school cannot be held responsible for any mishap.