The school is providing Computer Education under the supervision of experienced staff. The Computer Lab. of the school is well equipped for the technical enhancement & perfection of the students in the era of Information Technology. The systems and software are up-dated to maintain the pace with the fast changes in the field. The approach of the school has yielded good results as many students are successful IT professionals.


The school has three well equipped laboratories for imparting education in Physics, Chemistry Biology & Mathematics. Facilities are available for individual experimenting for making working Models and undertaking Science & Mathematics Projects. Various Science Models and Investigatory Projects made by the students under the supervision of Experts have been selected in different Competitions/Exhibitions.


The school has a well furnished library covering reference books of all subjects along-with a large collection of developmental topics. The school library also subscribes to various magazines and news papers in English and Hindi. Each student is given adequate opportunity to have an access to the study material and other books. Group discussions, Guard Book preparation, assigning individual projects etc. are also a regular feature to make an effective us of the Library.

Total No. of Books - 7702
Periodicals - 10
Journals - 7
Dailies - 4
Reference Books - 312
Magazines - 6


In the spirit of public school education, the school encourages Co-curricular activities in which every student is required to participate. The talents so acquired are aptly expressed through Inter-School Competitions held by Directorate of Education, CBSE and other organizations. Founder’s Day/Annual Fete/Function, Winter Carnival, of the school organized regularly is another avenue where students exhibit their cultural talent in which the school has a distinct standing in West Delhi.
The school also offers the opportunity of learning Instrumental Music, Dancing, Debating, Public Speaking, & Planting. Every student has to select one out of these activities ofhis/her interest and inclination.


Games are a compulsory part of the agenda and all students are encouraged to take active part in different sports. The school has provision for both indoor and outdoor games especially, Table-Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Hand-Ball, Volley-Ball,Shooting, Basket-Ball & other Track and field events. Training in Physical Education is also imparted by well qualified instructors. The school has a modern well equipped Gymnasium with special arrangement for Gymnastics.


Group of students escorted by teachers are sent to places of interest in & around Delhi on regular basis. The aim of such excursions is to enrich the child’s knowledge in respect of our history, culture and rich heritage.