Late Shri P.L. Kharbanda


Born in Gujrawalan, Pakistan. Served Indian Army during World War II . Formed a Team in co-ordination with the Founder Secretary & laid the foundation of TAGORE SCHOOL. Drafted & implemented policies to put the institute on the path of development.

His philosophy was simple to provide a school that would fulfill the needs of children. His administrative skills had been instrumental in the progress of School.

Late Smt. Janki Devi


Born in Calcutta now Kolkata. Graduated from University of Calcutta. Served TANTIA SCHOOL, Calcutta as a Teacher for 5 years. Migrated to Delhi in 1962.  Had the grit & determination to move ahead.  Started a small SCHOOL in a rented accommodation in 1964.
It is by dint of her tireless efforts, nursing and nurturing the small sapling: Rearing and transforming into a blossoming tree on 3.5 acres of land.